Executive Summary

TIP is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

TIP has  the following manufacturing capabilities / facilities.

·         Fabrication workshops for Sheet Metal cutting and punching, Turning, Milling, Plastic Moulding

·         Designing and manufacturing of complete progressive cutting tools, plastic and pressure costing    moulds, jigs, fixture and precision gauges etc

·         Precision Single / Double sided printed circuit boards and thick film open circuit hybrid     manufacturing plant

·         Electroplating for copper, nickel, gold, silver, chromium, tin, zinc & spray painting

·         Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT)

TIP also have these manufacturing capacities especially for Telecom Sector such as

·         Fire Alarm system, Reflectors, Stepladders, Mini Distribution Strips (Horizontal / Vertical  Siemens series 70), DDF, MDF (Main Distribution Frames) etc.

·         Outside Plant i.e. 10-Pair DP Box (Pole & Pillar type and Cross Connect Cabinet (robust design)    up to 2,400 pairs connection with IDC Module (Insulation Displacement Contact) which is prime    requirement of IT & Data transfer

·         Drop wire for subscriber connection. Terminal equipment, which includes telephone sets of    different types having different features like CLI, memory, redials etc. compatible with digital    exchanges

·         Container exchanges, it needs no building, easily transferable can be installed quickly to any    required location no matter what the climate may be