Production Facilities

  1. Tool Design & Tool Making Workshop to manufacture Plastic & Pressure Casting Moulds, Precision Punching Tools, Jigs, Fixture & Gauges.
  2. Fabrication Workshop for Sheet Metal Cutting & Punching, Turning, Milling, Plastic Molding.
  3. Manufacturing of Self Supported/guyed towers, Poles, Antenna mounts brackets.
  4. Surface mounting technology
  5. Automatic solder paste application
  6. Infra red re-flow oven for soldering
  7. Semi automatic component insertion tables
  8. Microprocessor controlled wave soldering machine
  9. Tool design and tool making workshops
  10. Electro plating plant
  11. Precision double sided printed circuit board plant
  12. Thick film open circuit hybrid manufacturing
  13. Precision measuring lab
  14. Material testing laboratory for all kinds materials
  15. Testing equipment for all types of electronic components


In addition to this TIP has the facilities to train the staff required for all above activities and Tool Designing, Tool Making, Machinist, Electromechanical, Fitters and Electronic Technicians.