TIP History

On the basis of a prolonged process of discussion, understanding, an Agreement was signed on 26th May 1952 between Government of Pakistan and Siemens & Halske (S&H) A.G of Germany,  for formation of a limited Company under the title of Telephone Industries of Pakistan (TIP). The Company was incorporated on 21.02.1953 establishing a Joint Venture (JV) manufacturing unit.

 The object of this Industry was to manufacture telephone equipment like, Automatic and Manual Exchanges, Private Branch Exchanges, Selective Ringing Telephone System, Private Telephone System and Subscribers Telephones Sets etc. Following are the some of the important Attributes of TIP

Production History

Product Description


1.    Automatic Public Exchanges (System) & Telephone Sets


2.    Subscriber Trunk Dialing Equipment


3.    Private Manual Branch Exchanges


4.    Private Automatic Branch Exchanges


5.    TYPE WRITER (Multi-Lingual Portable / Standard Size )


6.    Master Set Telephone M-113


7.    Electronic Typewriter / Teleprinter


8.    Digital Public Exchanges Ewsd


9.    Telephone Set-210


10.  Digital Mobile Exchanges


11.  D. P. Boxes


12.  Telephone Set-240


13.  Energy Meters


14.  Container Shell


15.  Division Cabinets


16.  Telephone Euro Set-802


17.  DTMF  Steno Phone


18.  Pillar Type D.P. Boxes


19.  CLI Telephone Set


20.  Drop Wire


21.  Digital Public Exchanges EWSD (16 Line Card)


22.  Cross Connection Cabinets


23.  D.P Box With Idc Modules



Role of TIP in National Defense Production

Soon after the establishment of TIP in 1952 as manufacturer of telecommunication equipment and accessories, the services and facilities of TIP have always been available for defense related manufacturing and supplies. Following is the brief background of the fields and areas reflecting TIP role towards defense production of strategic importance.

·         A separate setup was established in TIP for manufacturing & assembling of defense parts during 1965 war. Later on, this special unit was separated and converted as independent entity titled as "National Radio Telecommunication Corporation" (NRTC): NRTC has now been developed as large scale defense production unit running under ministry of defense  production.

·         TIP remained registered with DG defense production under registration No. 1566/81 02/Reg. for supply of telecom equipment.

·         TIP Also got registered with PAKISTAN Aeronautical Complex Kamra (PAC) as manufacturer for supply of Telecom equipment's and PCBs etc.(File Ref: PACB/1622/0161/REG Dated 01-01-2006. Under this capacity TIP supplied many stores to customer.

·         The contribution of TIP remained of key importance in erection of country's Strategic installations like PAEC, KRL, NOC etc. the main job of tool designing and manufacturing of these organizations was carried out in TIP. Later on Highly Skilled man power passed out from TIP training Department like Electro Mechanics, Tool, Makers, Tool Designers, Machinist, etc. joined and served these organizations and also in POF Wah, AWC, PAC Kamra.

·        After induction of PCB, EWSD assembly and Hybrid Circuit Production Unit in TI P, the service of facilities of PCB supplies, component stuffing and Hybrid circuit supplies were extended to many defense units like AERO, PAEC Kamra, ICCC, SUPARCO, NDC, NRTC, etc. Especially hybrid circuits to M/S AWC IAERO has been supplied up till early 2019 and their demand for further supply still exists.


Area Breakup

Total  Area

150,000 Sqr mtrs

Covered Area

63,000 Sqr mtrs

Pre Fabrication

25,643  sqr mtrs

Surface treatment Shop

2,050  sqr mtrs


2,670  sqr mtrs

Raw Material Store

2,400  sqr mtrs

General Tool Store

220  sqr mtrs

Chemical Store

400  sqr mtrs