Quality Policy


1.     The policy of our organization is to supply products in time with high quality standard to our customer, which fully meet his requirements and lead to his satisfaction. We want to achieve very good and trustworthy relationship with our customer on the basis of being a competitive and reliable supplier

2.     When we purchase or manufacture parts or material, we ensure that they meet the required specifications in all cases. The end product, which is supplied to our customer, meets all the agreed requirements

3.     Quality is the responsibility of every individual of the whole organization. We do not compromise on the quality of our product/work and no faulty product/work is allowed to pass to the next position

4.     A person supposed to do a job is well versed in performing it. If the job is not fully known to him, he is trained or trains himself how to do it before executing the job. Every superior is responsible for the continuous monitoring of the competency of his subordinates and he supports their efforts to improve their skills

5.     Every staff member is striving at all times to improve his own skills, work procedures, processes, quality of the work and eventually the quality of the end product


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