Consistent Quality and Reliability

Quality Policy

TIP Manufacturing is focused on our  customers ultimate success and is committed to having the highest level of quality in the industry. It is our guiding principle to provide our external and internal customers with a level of quality and service that consistently meets or exceeds expectations by striving continually for ongoing improvements throughout the organization.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the keystone of TIP's business model. TIP is, through all of its personnel, committed to consistently producing products of the highest quality through the following philosophies:

Continually maintaining and improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System - Periodic review of current quality policy and objectives to ensure its effectiveness and suitability.

Meeting or exceeding customer and organizational requirements - Constant striving for quality products that meet or exceed the customer' and/or organizational requirements.

Effectively communicating up and down the "Supply Chain" - Effective communication of quality policy and objectives to customers, suppliers and our employees.

Training our people (including the people in our partner facilities) on our system and focusing those people on executing our processes flawlessly.

Creating and managing the best processes in the industry - These processes are documented and described in a comprehensive Quality Management System.

Aligning ourselves with the most competent base of suppliers available in the industry - The ability of our suppliers to provide us with quality goods and services is critical to our success. We will strive to achieve excellence in our supply chain with a common vision in the areas of quality, continuous improvement and excellence in customer service.

QA and QC procedures

All the affiliates of TIP Manufacturing is  ISO 9000 certified. Our Quality Assurance (Q.A.) and Quality Control (Q.C.) Technicians monitor the manufacturing process from start to finish, beginning with a functional specification that includes specific quality criteria, then developing a customized Quality Assurance and Testing Plan for your product. Our QA procedures include vendor audits, incoming material inspections and internal manufacturing and assembly audits.

Our Q.A. and Q.C. technicians perform verification testing of the system or end product to ensure proper functionality and exceptional product quality prior to production release, as well as performing a variety of production tests during the manufacturing and assembly processes. We also provide special reliability and environmental testing as required.