Technical Resources


Part Manufacturing facilities

  1. Printed Circuit Board production according to Siemens Surface SN 21191- Z799 with test facilities i.e. Universal PCB Tester (Point to Point Tester) 3.500 m2 / year is available.
  2. Hybrid production with test facilities (Laser Trimming and Laser Cutting) is available 400.000 circuits/year.
  3. Metal Part Production in all respect Cutting. Stamping. Bending up to 3 Mtr. CNN Nibbling. Turning. Drilling Grinding. Welding Shaping etc  available. TIP, has produced Electro Mechanical System (EMD Siemens) for 26 years up-to depth of more than 90% from 1966 .1992. Therefore, all machinery required to produce metal parts for Telecommunication Switching System is available.
  4. Plastic Molding ( Thermoplastic and Thermosetting) Plastic Injection Molding Machines of 60 to 250 tons and two Color Injection Molding machines of 75 tons are available. Presses for Thermosetting of 15 tons to 160 tons are available.
  5. Die-Costing of Aluminum and Tin alloys Machines of 10 tons to 100 tons are available.
  6. Surface shop for all galvanic plating including achromatizing and baking spray painting is available.
  7. Tool shop fully equipped with standard machinery as well as

CNC Milling (Deckle Germany).

CNC Wire erosion machines (AGIE Switzerland).

CNC Spark erosion machines (AGIE Switzerland).

Jig Boring Machine, are available.

Carpenter shop for manufacturing of cabinets and all kind of transport packing of cardboard / wood is available. Electrical Mechanical and building Maintenance Shops are available for all kind of services and repairs with special cell for repair of CNC machines.

Assembly Manufacturing Facilities

a.    surface mount facility, components prep equipment, manual assembly aid auto-insertion machines, wave solder machines, PCB cleaning machines and cleaning agents, environmental chambers, bump / vibration equipment, static protection.

b.    Stencil printing for PCB upto 460 x 460 mm, pick and place system with glue dispenser unit ( Siemens MS 102 System) upto size 460 x 460 mm. placement rate 4.200 components hour and reflow soldering oven upto 340 nim width for surface mounting technology (SMT) are available.

c.    Bending, Cutting, Forming and Straightening Machines for all kind of preparation and forming of electrical / electronic components are available.

d.    Two Microprocessor Controlled light spot table lines for manual insertion of components in PCI3 ( 16 labels of M/S Steckfuss, Germany.

e.    Auto insertion machines not available so for.

f.     Two Wave soldering machines available EM/S Steckfuss, Germany inaxiinunm width 300 mm) and 400 mm.

g.    PCB cleaning machines not available. Cleaning when required is done manually with cleaning agent Low content flux is used in soldering process.

h.    Environment Chamber (Run-in Chamber) of 12 Sq meters area. with 3, 5 meters height is available. Temperature from 21C to 46C and time cycle can be adjusted.

i.      Bump I vibration equipment is in easy excess In nearby located defense project.

j.      Static protection provided on all work places test places, and with handling aids. Staff working in this aria wear cotton coat antistatic shoes and wrist band.

k.    Static protection provided on all work places test places, and with  handling aids. Staff working in this aria wear cotton coat antistatic shoes and wrist band

l.      Assembly and testing facilities are available to manufacture iron core and shell core transformers.